How to write an irresistible cv/resume that lands you the job

Have you submitted several resumes and still no single beep on your email? You have waited for responses but none of the employers gave you a call. Well, in most cases, this is caused by the status of your resume. Even if you will finally not be the best match for a job, it should not be that your resume already kicked you out. There are better opportunities if you get to have physical contact with employers. The following tips will help you break the barrier between you and employers if you follow them attentively.

Be dynamic

Sending out generalized resume is like shooting yourself in the foot. Employers will definitely know after their first glance. It is as simple as nothing. Whenever you are sending out resumes, please put in little time to take a second glance to ensure your resume is directed to the employer as if you have never sent to anyone else. Make the employer feel you are prepared to work with them.

Avoid using resumes that are readily available for emergencies for non-emergency applications. The moment you find a job advert placement, take your time to go through the website of the company. Understand their vision and mission. Design your resume to correlate with it. Rephrase your skills and achievements as best as possible to make the employer feel you are just the best fit.

Modernize your resume

We have gone past the age were curriculum vitae is written boldly on CV/resumes. We are in the digital age. Even physical items look digital in nature. Your resume is not an exception. Employers want to know how organised you are right from the moment they set their eyes on your resume. So why not give them the best? Consider creating a resume that incorporates colour, nicely placed graphic work, alignments, boxes, and labelling that draws attention to what you think sells you best. It is worth investing in because you will not remember the cost after the job offer.

Function tally

Displaying what the employers have in quality and standards as what you possess is just like a direct hit on the nail. Make your resume say to them; hey, I am exactly the person you need. Your resume is of high importance in the hiring decision. Hence employers want the perfect fit for the role. So be careful mentioning what is not their requirements. Try to do your assignment and ensure you focus on stating what reflects around the beliefs, motivation, values, management style and culture of the company.

Be socially smart

Have you an account on LinkedIn? If no, better say you are not of this age. Most employers these days go as far as checking your social life on the internet. They check if you are the flaunting type on Facebook. And they go as far checking how much you have performed on LinkedIn and if there are any correlations between your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Some reports have shown that recruiters these days even reach out for employees on LinkedIn instead of throwing out an advert. They believe that is less of stress which is a fact. So, go straight to your LinkedIn account to update your profile professionally and stand out at your best. To make it more interesting, you can add your LinkedIn profile URL to your resume. It gives employers access to check on you while scanning through the digital copy of your resume or they type the link in from the hard copy you submitted.

Note: Before you direct hiring
managers to your LinkedIn profile, make sure that there are no spelling or
grammatical errors in it.

No more stories

Don’t you ever think resumes are just white papers to be filled with black inks? Well, the sad news is, it has never been. Employers take time to study selected resumes after doing a rough check to exempt unorganised ones. Be ready to give your time in declaring achievements which will intrigue employers. Be precise enough to tell them your accomplishment, results, awards and top values created. Avoid storytelling, they don’t have time to read it except after you are employed. Use metrics which gets their attention. The moment they see the number they want to know what it is related to.

E.g. 4 years of standout experience in customer management, development of product review that converted sales from 0 to 95 per week.

Filler words

Recruiters are tired of seeing this repetitive statement such as “I am a hardworking individual”. A whole lot of resumes have this. You could be unlucky to have yours dumped because of this statement. Why not have them replaced with statements emphasising what exactly you did. Tell them what you did, which will speak for you that you are actually hard work. E.g. I oversaw 3 different projects for day one till completion with effective reports.

Start with most relevancies

You obviously know that your resume is probably not the only one before the employer. So he has not the whole day to scrutinise just a resume. You want to be sure while he picks your resume, he finds the relevant information as quickly as possible. State jobs/works you have done that are related to the company’s interest first in each section of the resume. Make your career summary surrounds the target of the company. Enlist your achievements starting with the most related to the interest of the company.

Soft skills

Soft skills are character descriptors that come from your personality, morals, attitude and communication skills such as “Attention to detail” and “scrupulous”. Mentioning them will make the employers give you concern. Soft skills are required as a check-in employee in roles where detailed attention are expected such as accounting. If you possess soft skill such as being “meticulous”, you rest assured that employers want someone with such who can take note of small errors that could cause disasters to the company.

Avoid stains

A simple typographical error can deny you your dream job in seconds. You want to guarantee that you take a second and third look at your resume before sending. You can give out your resumes to experts for assistance or request the assistance of the next person to you for a glance to check for spellings and grammar.

Avoid Colour conflict

Avoid as much as possible annoying colour combinations on your resume. It does not indicate professionalism rather it ridicules your resume before employers. You want to mix just two connecting colours or better still maintain the standards of black and white.

As you take the time to rewrite your resume and go on your job exploration, ponder over the guidelines aforementioned to certify your resume receives a great response.

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