How to start your business with your small capital

Just as i was some few months back, i got tired of being under someone as an employee, i was interested in having a business of my own, still, i could not leave my office seat. I want to share a secret with you now. Starting a business of your own is a nice way to enjoy your time. Though the well known fact is that, it is not easy starting a business especially if you are not financially capable in anyway.

However, this is 2019, things have changed drastically through the advent of internet and technology and it is growing. Lets us go into fetching the opportunity together and turning it into our cash cow. Here we go…..

There is something called Ecommerce, e-commerce, and electronic commerce whatever you call it. That’s not the point, the point is have you started making your money? Well, let me give you a brief snap of it. Ecommerce is a modern channel of trading. It involves buying and selling of products and services through the internet. That’s the power of technology. Ecommerce has now become a significant option for many business persons today. In fact, those running physical store if not careful will go bankrupt if they do not follow the trend. I hope you are not one of them.

Businesses are bending towards online and rapidly forgetting the four corner walls. Buyers are fed up of leaving their home before getting what they want. In the US, more than 60% are buying goods online, of course, we all prefer to be like that. In 2017, 1.66 billion buyers were recorded to have bought online, in 2018 it increased to 1.79billion, 2019 estimate is 1.92 billion. Guess what, the number is increasing. So how do you make use of this chance?

One of two ways, it’s either you are spending and gaining nothing or you are making money while spending. I bet you prefer later. Production companies are revolutionizing towards maximally getting their profits out through the internet with direct communication with wholesalers and retailers. Today, you can purchase virtually anything you want online.

I will get you directly into how you can also make good use of this opportunity. Before then, try to get some quick look at the advantages of eCommerce.

  • Ease of payment

Ecommerce has made payment so easy. You do not have to carry cash in bullion vans today because you want to buy the world. While the buyer searches for a product online, the payment channel is also readily available at a few clicks. The need to go to the bank is out saving time and stress as well.

  • Product evaluation and description

Buying online has helped reduce the risk of purchasing substandard products. While on the product page, a buyer will get readily available reviews of the products from past buyers. From their comments, he gets to know if the product is worth buying or the manufacturer is worth patronising.

The presence of product description can be gotten at any time compared to a physical store where even if you are not ready to buy, you still have to visit the store to get to know about it in details.

  • Operational cost reduction

With eCommerce, sellers do not have to worry so much about a limited number of staffs. With the use of a web-based account management system and trackers, both the buyers and seller gets documented info on the transactions that occurred between them. The payment process is automated and quick to extract.

  • You can sell to the world

Selling through a physical store has limited your customer base in a very large magnitude. Your coverage is limited and restricted either by choice or not. With the advent of eCommerce, the whole world can get to see your products and in fact, make a purchase. Interestingly, you don’t even need a sophisticated gadget to engage in eCommerce.

  • Daily new customers

Your physical store requires so many tactics to maintain and get new customers. This could be really tiring. You need to maintain a physical relationship, eye contact tactics and many more. Online business only requires you to keep their details and send heart-warming messages.

Additionally, you can always leverage the search engine to get thousands of new customers every day. With your previous customer’s review, you tend to attract more customers. So an e-commerce manager will ensure his customers review his product as soon as they purchase and he also keeps a record.

  • Small capital

One of the greatest advantages of eCommerce and online business is the starting capital. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have what is enough. But a very unimaginable amount could be used to start selling online which could be very discouraging for starting a physical store.

Running costs as well are somewhat free except if you have leveled up. Marketing through free media such as WhatsApp, Facebook is very cool. Although, with more investment you get a higher response.

  • Easy product grab

No more Grrrrrrrr. What’s that? That’s the sound of a cart pushing physical products around the store. Ecommerce is stress-free. You can run a multi-million store without setting the eye on a product. On an eCommerce website, you can click millions of products, navigate billions and no heck pain on your knees. Could you imagine walking around a store to get those products? In fact, eCommerce websites these days have kept the memories of your products of interest and save you the stress more.

  • Save journey time

With your eCommerce business, you save time and money and increase profit. Everyone wants that right!!! (Here it is. Start your own eCommerce today). With just a few slide/scroll and few clicks and punch, your virtual store is filled with hot products.

  • 24/7 service.

Have you heard of passive income? Here is the coolest thing about eCommerce. While you snore, your accounts get overwhelmed. Ecommerce today allows you to set up auto-responders. Customers buy your products and in effect get delivery without you even knowing except when you are interested. There is nothing as easy as this. Do you want to start one? Go here.

Now, with all above mentioned points, you see the reason why your small capital is not an hindrance. start your micro business now and grow into a giant in no time.

eCommerce is a wide market, however, i recommend after deep research that you start with mini importation. To understand how to go about this, get a 3-days training from an expert and start your business withing a week with little capital.

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Good luck.

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