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How to improve your life as a youth

One, two, three,….  still counting? Oops, I guess so. That is how the days have been counting since your birth. Even without you counting, it counts itself. You know what! there is a sad news, those are mere numbers, numbers which have been counting since the creation of earth itself, never get yourself bothered about it. Here is the good news, what matters in your counting is the quality of your life.

It is sad that today, people rarely check the quality of their lives. Even though it takes a large percentage in determining how much they enjoy their lives. Although, the sincere truth is everyone has got his own personality. However, whatever we identify to be less of advantage, then the need for improvement comes in. How much have you worked to improve your life?

You should understand that the quality of your life affects you and those around you, if you understand this, then you can work on improving the system constituting your programme on daily basis. If you are running an outdated version yesterday, why not upgrade to the latest version today. That was a joke but it is real.

Some people have been running their lives on a 19th century life version, which had some cracks in it. As much as you are current in the latest technology and trying to catch up, this is also required of you in your social and psychological life.

Well, to improve your life, you do not need any extra lesson or any serious task to achieve this. It is just a mere attention you need to give to how you spend your time on a daily basis. You will understand after going through some of these tips to follow soon.

For the fact that we all are different, this tells how much you will find varying personalities in us. Some people are filled with very nice habits while some have stinky habits. While some constitute a mixture of the bad dominating while in some it occurs the other way. For every category, there is room for improvement. This is best enjoyed if realized at an early age.

Improving your life as a youth is very important for you to have a meaningful life. As a youth, you should know that you are not getting younger but you are getting closer to the old age. However, the way you did spend your youthful days determines how much more you also want to enjoy your later life.

Reasons why you need to improve your youthful life is numerous. Among them are; to prevent depression. It has been said that each year, over 5000 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 kill themselves and since 1960, this number has been doubling. This has made suicide in youth the third leading cause of death among college-age youths. Another report also said; about 20 percent of youths today face depression before they reach adulthood. Some of the reasons behind these happenings are the fact that youths have fail to understand their essence of existence. The mind have only identified competition for material things as the reason for existence and hence, means to happiness. Unfortunately it is not true.

Also, spending a good life at youthful age and improving on it, helps to maintain better mental health. if you fail to understand how to maintain your youthful life, you end up doing things that kills your mental ability and ends up in depression.

Another very important benefit behind having an improved youthful life is the fact that it will serve as a guide for you towards achieving what you want to achieve. An example is; as a youth you need a job, if you have been trying to modify yourself for better, you will find it easier to get one because possibly you might have covered all loop holes hindering this great achievement. You would have gathered skills to present yourself capable before you encounter the  panel.

Likewise, improving your life as a youth, will help you maintain a very good family life. The basic understanding of building a family would have sunk into your system. You will find it easier to guide your folks and companies. Your children will be confident in your guidance. You will be acknowledged for your outstanding nature on how you relate with your relatives.

Several benefits are attached to improving one’s quality of life as a youth. Few have been mentioned here. To achieve this, we have highlighted some basics to follow. I hope you do find it helpful.

Identifying your key strength is very vital to have a sweet teenage life. To check your strength, you need to know what you are good at, how you spend your time, what is it that you can exhaust your energy on and still excites you. For some individuals, it is clear from what they do. While for some, due to the unique quality, they might need to contact the professional to expunge their quality. there are several ways to go about it. One of it is to access your life yourself. Another is to ask those who know you well. You can also meet professionals who specialize in this. If you think you still need someone to help, contact The Future Guard.


Concentrate on how you can work on your strength. However, this should not hinder your struggle.

Additionally, identifying one’s strength is often misinterpreted by most people. They often think that when they say identify your strengths or your talents, they feel it is just a way of making money. NO. it doesn’t have to do with money. it has to do with having a happy life through being fulfilled with one’s passion.

You can as well take good opportunity of sites like to evaluate yourself.


To improve your life as a youth, you need to understand the effect of meditating. Don’t get it twisted as I am not talking about thinking, I am talking about meditation. Meditation, has to do with you thinking about some of the things you want to do, problems you want to solve. You need to take some time to ponder over these problems and how to come about their solutions. Sometimes, it is best done in a very serene environment depending on individuals. (personally, I only need to keep mute). So, this will help improve your life as a youth. Train your brain on how to think on solving problems in which people are facing and eventually, this could take you to a place where you never expected to be.

It is also very important to reiterate the need to jot down whatever pops up in the mind during mediation. Because it could fly off any moment. I bet you don’t want to lose that inspiration. Well, good news for you, with your android phone, you can always put things down in your notepad.


To improve your life as a youth, you need to understand the position of challenges in the world we are. Your boss is going to bring up challenges before you, your teacher, supervisor, HR, all are challenge up-rooters. because before you attain any goal there must be some things that serve as obstacles. for example, you want to be an engineer one of the challenges before you is for you to go study how to solve engineering problems. To be a medical doctor, you definitely need to go study for it. To improve your life as a youth you will appreciate challenges when they come around because the effect of challenges in this world today is something you cannot quantify. Let me give you an instance; do you know that most of the things we use today is as a result of challenges that come around. Someone only pondered over them and boom! we cannot continue to travel long distances by legs or animals, so someone identified this challenge of transportation and invented a car and boom he made it ,you know who I’m talking about (Karl Benz). Another great challenge before man is communication, another smart person thought of this and invented the telephone at the age of 18 (Graham Bell). Blaise Pascal was only 18 when he invented the first mechanical calculator, after identifying the challenge of calculations faced by his father. The ear muff which saves you during winter was invented by Chester Greenwood only at 15.

You can and you will always appreciate challenge when you see the later effect of trying to put solutions to these challenges. Challenges are only a way to build you for a better tomorrow.


We have talked about this in the previous article (10 simple steps to be successful in the future). finding a role model is very important to meliorate your life especially when you are ambitious. You should find someone who can advise you to take less risk but real steps. possibly those who have similar line of interest and have scaled through.

Role models teaches, motivates and guides. They help to discover strength in their mentee and uncover their potentials. In the surfacing of barriers, role models are in good position to provide the solution. They understand the scenario most times from the beginning. And with their experience, you can be rest assured of alighting safely. Why wouldn’t you get one?


Being in a company of zealous youths with great ambition and positive mindset is as vital as attaining your aim. This is really going to help you with your career. Their presence around you will serve several purposes. One of such is when you have a little setback, you fall back to them and keep the hope not to give up. you won’t feel alone when trying to find your route.

it is important to have around you, mates with similar interest such as reading mate. You can join clubs such as reading clubs, science clubs and so on. You also can leverage on the social media groups (be cautious though). All these will always improve your youth by increasing your knowledge and networking. Not only that, but the presence of the right allies around you will help improve your mood, reduce your stress and depression, support you through tough times and importantly be sincere with you.


Being organised is very vital in your life. It will help you in whatever establishment or organization you work or even your personal endeavours. If you are planning to carry out any task, the more organised you are, the better it is. It is easier to differentiate the done and the undone. Improving your organisational skill is going to assist you in long way in putting things right.

Additionally, being organised helps you save a lot of time. You tend to distinguish between the urgent task and those that can wait. You will be updated on your schedule because the organisation in the beginning keeps you off leaving any vital task out. Including this trait in your youthful life makes you unique and responsible more than you can envisage.


One of the greatest killers of goals is procrastination. Always try to avoid procrastination because it will ruin your dreams. Procrastination according to word-web is “putting off, delaying or deferring an action to a later time”. It is often referred to as the thief of time. Some of the causes of procrastination are; seeing the task as an unimportant one, perceiving the task to be without benefits, laziness and so on.

Understanding your schedule by organising them as mentioned earlier, could go a long way assisting you with procrastination.


Today, exercise is taking for granted, although some individuals might be so lucky that the kind of life they live is filled with exercise. For example, if you’re the kind of  person with little but manageable income, and you do not have a car or prefers to take public transport, you live in a local environment where you need to work from your home to the park, before getting a cab to take you to your office. Through the early morning walk, you have exercised the body in this sense but if you are the type who go out with your car every now and then, you need to find time to exercise the body. Your health is very important in building the beautiful life standard you admire.

Likewise, to improve yourself as a youth it has to do with the brain. Exercise as been recognised to help the brain improve in function and thinking skills. It increases heart rate and promotes blood flow in the body. Engaging in intellectual exercise is also important. A typical example is solving unique puzzles when you wake up every morning. In the process of meditation and thinking about how to come up with the solution, the brain is set to activeness. Even though the 60 minutes daily exercise recommended by experts is not possible in reality for you, working towards a close margin can be a great deal.


This has to do with your physiological and psychological nature. As a youth you need to be able to set your brain to rest after you’ve done so many work, you need to use it in such a way that it feels relaxed. One of the best ways you can do this is to spend time with family and friends. Take a stroll to a calm area, such as the beach, garden. Your body will thank you.

Continuous stress causes a numerous amount of issues for your body such as high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, weakened immune system amongst others. Paranoia, depression, several syndromes and even just a general feeling of not thinking straight can come from too much stress in your life. Relaxation helps counteract these effects by giving your body a chance to calm down!

The power of relaxing is that it helps to prepare you for the next task. You might not find time to relax while in office or workplace. Having a secluded time for this purpose is never a waste of time. Failure to save this little but efficient time result in spending more time where you do not want to be.

I do not need to talk more about this, but you should understand that the body is also a system that when you overwork it, it breaks down, so for you to continue to have high productivity with your system, then, as you use them you need to rest so that they can also relax and be ready for the next days.


Very vital for youths of today, although this is finally found missing in the lives of so many youths. One of the ways in which you can be happy as a youth and improve yourself is to be kind to people. Of course, there are ways of getting rewarded but at the same time regardless of the reward, if you are the type who is kind to people, you will eventually see that within you that you cannot quantify the feeling yourself unlike someone who just doesn’t care about the life of people.

Other than this, you should understand that being kind to animals is also another way of having a peaceful life and also improving your life as a youth. You also get the reciprocal act from animals. Try to keep a cat and you will understand what I’m trying to say.


When you’re working for yourself or trying to attend to a particular goal. you have to be optimistic about what you are trying to achieve. Being hopeful and believing that you will get to your destination. With your belief before you, you continue to strive and you should understand that if you do not achieve your goal at the end then you must have achieved something along the line, might  realise where the mistake is made ,a mistake is not a curse but lesson to learn and it will train you on how to plan.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Anytime you hear people complain about you or about some attitude that they don’t like about you, you should understand that when you have negativity, it is in what people complain about. The best thing you can do to yourself is to try to improve on it because no tree makes a forest. You cannot live in this world without people. The best people around you can get from you is happiness but when you expose your negatives to them and they feel saddened for your attitude, then on the long run you might also end up having a very saddened and depressed life. So, work on your negativity and try to make people happy with your positivity. Talk to yourself about it, focus on the challenge and correct them, that is a ways in which you can improve your life in relation to people as a youth.


Appreciating those who have helped you one way or the other opens the way for more opportunities. This has nothing to do with age. In fact, you should always appreciate those who you are older than it doesn’t have to be someone who is older than you, always try to appreciate. You cannot imagine how the memory keeps the record of appreciation.

You should not only appreciate people when they hand you a material gift. Several other assets are worth more than material you get from people. Appreciate your parent or guardians for their care, appreciate your friends for keeping your company, appreciate your student for listening to you and if you do not mind, appreciate the sincere one who told you to your face, you look stinky. You know why? That will remain in your mind every moment you step out of the door. You look yourself again and again to check if you don’t look stinky.


If you’re trying to be an entrepreneur or struggling to be a well paid employee, you should know that knowledge is vital. For someone who wants to go into a profession where you need to work with a company, you want to be an employee, then you need to go to school you need to go to an institution to learn or go a professional courses and skill acquisition programmes. it is important for us to state here that; improving your life as a youth in terms of your learning that will secure you a job in terms of your career is something you need to plan on. I will give you a guideline but you will get an update on our next article as regards to your career. Issues like ‘how to put down your cv’, then you also have to learn how to face the interview.

If you’re trying to be an entrepreneur you should also understand that the need for knowledge is very important, getting knowledge for you to stand alone as an entrepreneur is for you to go directly to seek for that knowledge possibly you pay for that knowledge and you get what you need to get then you start what you have always wanted to start, or the other way is for you to do the volunteering job. this is another aspect in which people do not take regard or because everyone is concerned about making money in the early stage but the best thing you can do to help yourself is to volunteer yourself in companies or organisations where they do something you are also interested in which you want to stand alone. Volunteer yourself then you have the opportunity to learn as much as you can learn because if you are waiting for a company to employ you to pay you why you are intending to learn it might be difficult, so getting a volunteering job is something very interesting.

Learning is a continuous process, keep learning afterall your brain can’t get filled up.


What I have discovered personally is that when you get up late from bed, you tend to be sluggish, inactive and inattentive. On the other way, when you get up early from bed, take a quick shower, clean your mouth, woo, what a good start. The brain gets t work immediately. The limbs are also ready for the drive. Also reports has shown that when a person wake early, he his more energetic and takes lesser time to get a task done compared to the one who wakes up late. In reality, go into the world of achievers, rarely will you find any of them sleeping like a squirrel.


Why do you see eating as a competition? Take it easy, no one Is going to snatch the food from you. People are so fund of plus and minus mathematics. That does not help in most cases. Let me cite an example of the mathematics. Do you know most people who go to the gym believe they can burn out calories doing that which gives them the room to consume whatever they wish, that is adding minus to plus. Many people especially in africa consume sugar, and after that take a medicinal liquid to atone for the proposed damage. That is a sorry condition.

Eating healthy is actually a simple habit to improve on. Get a chart explaining what balanced diets are. Make a simple daily timetable for what you consume.

“you are what you eat”

“Eat to live and not live to eat”

Eating to live is a mere supplying to the body with the required nutrients for development. To supply to required energy to carry on with the next task. If you fall in the other category of living to eat, then you are writing letter calling your body to fight with your soul.

Your food selection tells how you feel and act after consumption. Some of the effects are not immediate but delayed to a later time in life. I am sure you don’t want to end up regretting past steps. So eat wisely. A typical example of this is the diabetes. Diabetes occur owing to several reasons, however, long term record of eating habit carries a large percentage of the causes of diabetes.


Everyone today understanding the effect of social media in the life of people. I mean you can hardly walk along the street today without seeing everyone’s neck bent down just looking on their phone; facebook, chatting and the likes but the truth is; we cannot run away from the truth. Social media and internet has really taken so much percentage of our daily lifestyle. it has change the way we think , the way we relate to ourselves,as a youth for you to have an improved life is that first you have to understand the uses of a social media you do not just spend the entire life trying to facebook, Instagram.

The use of social media should be to improve your youth not just to keep yourself online making business decisions without reaching any target with it. One of the best ways to use your social media is trying to look for opportunities. Likewise, social media is a place where you can learn, where you can gain knowledge, don’t just waste time on social media posting pictures, music list, seeing videos. Try to look for group pages where you can always learn. These are the best way of using social media and it will help you improve your life. Unfortunately, over 50 percent of users are only time wasters.


At a point in time, we often get confused on our career goal, investment goal, future plan and so on. This is often peculiar to the youth who is about to start another stage of life.

It is a matter of checking yourself on what best suit s you. Like we do say, always be concerned about how to solve problem. Make yourself an asset and not a liability. Be a provider of solution. If you can answer these questions, you can hardly get lost on what is the next step to take. (read more on “10 simple steps to be successful in the future;10 simple steps to be successful in the future”)

19. ASK

The secret to escape from the end evil of losing track is to ask for the right direction. Google map could help with road but not career. However, there are several ways to go about finding the right track and lane . In an African proverb, it is said that the questioner never gets lost. Ask those who know of what you know not. Obviously, their response will give you a total answer to your question or direct you the best answerer.


For you to have an improved life as a youth, you have to be conscious of time. Although the orientation most people have about the idea of time wasting and in reality it means life wasting. Even though it cannot be too late, it is better to be wise spending your time on things that are worth rather than squander the precious time on dancing, clubbing, drinking. This is a wholesome description of youth today. I bet you don’t want to be one of such.


We plan for the future. How? By investing. And failure to invest money results to inadequate money to spend. A young man or woman should have seen enough to understand the basis of investment. How to take advantage of this. In the process of pondering and working towards investing, a youth develops automatically an improved life style because he will not eat with the entire fingers.

Investment attitude are of great benefits. They help you improve your spending habit. They help you plan for the sunny days and ultimately help you have an improved quality of life.


Improving your life style as a youth should cut across board. It should be in all aspect of your life, be it in work, school, whatever. In that case, you should understand what works best for you. If your active time is morning, get up early, get to office and do all necessary things even before your boss arrives. Your punctuality and apt attention will save you when you become passive along the line. Whether you are a student of an apprenticeship, leveraging on your active period will help you a lot. Therefore, it has to be that you have already understand how your body works.


Youths are known today to be big time consumers. You just want to spend and cares not about tomorrow. Everyone wants to blow even without little effort. We hardly find youths today who understand the difference between wants and need. Understand your needs to be what you cannot do without while wants are just extravagances which most time is basically to show off or compete.

To be a standout youth with an improved life style, you have to cut down expenses to your needs and priorities you wants.


The way you handle your youthful life today will tell how much you will enjoy the rest of your life. If you spend your youthful life on alcohol be prepared to fight the countless number of diseases associated with drinking of alcohol. If your choice is cigarette same goes to you. Always know that, making decision, selecting choices, keeping up with fun of life are all in relation to sound health.  A healthy person is the one who can think of the most delicious food in town.

Take yield.


In the process of trying to remain a steadfast individual who is concerned about having an improved life, you should be aware that some distractions will surface and get you almost tired of your chase. This is when the need to get motivated comes in. you have to keep up pushing. Be focused and have your dream and passion before you even if they seem abstract. Understand that the only obstacle before you is not acting. Hence keep acting.

“The only thing that is between you and your dream is inaction”.

The moment you set to action, just don’t stop you will be amazed at the end.


The last point to having an improved life is to follow the future guard. Get updated with latest information’s. Subscribe to their various pages on social media. Read their post, comment and request for support. You are rest assured of getting a quality customer service.

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