How to be Successful in the Future

Often times, identifying what the future holds becomes challenging. Sometimes, you don’t know where to start from. sometimes, you don’t know how to continue.

I am very sure you have read several articles online about “how to succeed” that you have almost exhausted all “How to” articles online. Don’t be discouraged!!!

I will take you through the practical approaches on how to find your route. There are several stuffs online to be referred to. Sometimes when you read them you don’t even know how to apply them. Don’t worry, i will take you calm here.

Follow these basic tips and be rest assured to get your future secured with success guaranteed.

1.     Get a mentor

The first thing you need to do is to get a mentor. If you really want to be successful in your future ambition, then you need to surround yourself with those who would motivate you. Often time, you get tired about your career and you don’t know what next to do. The first thing you need to do is to get a mentor.

Here is how?

For example, if you want to be a medical doctor, then you need to start working alongside or find someone who is also in that field or perhaps close. Such person will always encourage you, most especially whenever you are thunderstruck.

As a university student, you just discovered that at a point, you find it threatening to cope as you move up the ladder. As a graduate, the next step is interview. You probably haven’t experienced such before. Do not panic. Get up, pick your phone and call your mentor.

2.     Sieve advice


Sometimes you realise and cannot remember how some people come into your life. They start advising you on several things you should do. Those information becomes clumsy for you. They put forward so many strategies. If you are in such dilemma, you have to be smart at whatever information you get from people. When you listen to them, try to look for what is beneficial in what they have said. Then how it is applicable to you and your success.

3.     Be confident and Avoid Over Confidence


Being over confident can actually kill career. However, it is your confidence that helps you take bold steps. Let say for example, one of your future ambition is that, after finishing from college you want to start a job and definitely have to go for an interview. You have to build your confidence in order to face the interview as well. However, being over confident, is actually going to destroy your interview. If you prove yourself to be overconfident you tend to answer questions in an arrogant way. Interviewers, are way too smart remember.

4.       Focus


You have to be focused for you to be successful in life. You have to know, what exactly you want to do. Of course, at a point in time we often cannot fine-tune what kind of career ambition we want to start with. But all you need is to check yourself. look at what you are good at and how much you can benefit people with your own talent. With that, you focus on your goals. That is what you should start working on until you are sure that this is not going to work for me, then you look for what next.

Trust me, it is not wrong to realise after a long time of wandering about different career. The experience will definitely count in your next step. Most time, people tend to side-line their major field of performance because they are not focused and end up picking what they are doing for doing sake. For you to be happy in the future, then you have to be sure of what you want.

5.       Knowledge

 seek knowledge

Of course, there is no way to build your future without hunting for knowledge. Whatever career ambition you want to build yourself up on, for you to be a professional in that, you have to search for knowledge. It does not necessarily mean going to college. It does not necessarily have to be a chase after certificate. So many people are concerned about certificates, but trust me it is no more working 100%. You need to seek for the skills in your selected field of interest. If you want to be a programmer or you want to be a software developer, you might not necessarily go to college. Recently, it has been reported that google, Microsoft and some other IT companies, do not look at certificate but they look at your performance. They subject you to a practical test and see how much you can perform. So why waste donkey years just to get a paper.

6.        Do away with extras.


Trust me! this is something you really need to put into consideration.
I was interested in finishing with a top score in the class during my undergraduate studies. It was just a need to score a 4.5 of 5. But at this stage, there is only one semester to go. Guess what I did, I approached one of my mentors, a lecturer. He responded, “you need to shed off some of the things on your shoulders”, that sounds like a parable, right? It simply means, “you need to let go some distractions until you become focused as much as you need to meet your target. Importantly, to achieve some particular goals sometimes, you have to do away with others (may be for some time).

7.       Get rid of “I can’t do it”

 i cannot

Listen to me carefully, yes! you heard me right. You have to get rid of “I can’t do it”. People today, find it difficult to achieve their future target, not because they are not fit but just because whenever they come across, in fact, sometimes a small obstacle, they get tired of running after their goals (some might say “ouch, this is not meant for me”). This is not going to help attain the future of your dream. Whenever you face any obstacle then you should not let it threaten you to the extent of quitting.

I cannot go on with this, I can’t do this, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Hold it! You can! Just try to get yourself motivated. Look at so many achievers in life. One way or the other, everyone get to face an obstacle. The moment you see the obstacle, remember it as a challenge that you need to come across. Watch, Listen and read about achievers, successful entrepreneurs, within their stories is the common slogan of “I almost quit”. Remember, life will not just keep going on a straight, smooth line. You have to go on the ups and downs until you complete the final lap. Here is a tip that works for me every time! When you stumble across an obstacle, talk to those who have actually passed through the stages (A motivator, a mentor), they can actually give you any of the pills to your illness.

8.       Be prepared to bear the pain


Now you can move on. You have to be something. Wait! did I remember to tell you that there are thorns on the way to successful future? You will really want to make progress about your career except that one way or the other whenever you feel some pains, then you have to buy it. You will have to sacrifice so many things. At the process of sacrificing, you will truly feel some pains. These pains are what you remember for good later in life after achieving. One of the greatest sacrifices is your time and sleep. You go on so many sleepless nights. This is not new. Your body will be accustomed overtime.

9.       Never rely on anyone


It is very difficult finding those who actually want to see you succeed more than they do (don’t blame them, you are also one). That is human. As much as you talk to people about your career, do not over rely on then. Sometimes, you need to be careful on how much you spit out your plans.

When it comes to financial or material supports, you can always get that but do not let it get you down when you miss someone who is not able to help. I will give you a practical example. I have a friend who studied abroad. After completing his graduate studies, he needed assistance in getting a job in the foreign land. For about 6 months, he relied on a man who eventually turned him down. Guess how much he must have been disappointed. Unfortunately for him, he had no plan B.

10.   Plan


There is no way you want to be successful except that you plan. This does not necessarily require you to be a good or perfect planner. All you need to do is plan at your best. You plan your time, you plan your spending. Have your daily goals, weekly, monthly and annual targets. Plan on how you want to spend your time and how you want to spend the money. I mean you heard of the saying, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Make use of simple android applications such as notepad, calendar tools, to keep you in track.

Extra tip:

Stand when you fall, if you fall again, stand and keep moving.

Rauf Hassan

Remember! If you quit now, then all your previous efforts will be rendered nullified.

Rauf Hassan
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